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Alternate Names: Central Huishui Hmong. More Information Darang Deng mhu Xizang Autonomous Region: Chayu (Zayü) county along Dulai river valley, Gayao, Quantong, and Xiazayu townships, Nyingchi prefecture. Comments: Some Chinese scholars believe them to be in the Jingpo branch. More Information Phola ypg Yunnan province: Honghe, Shiping, and Yuanjiang counties, along confluence of Yuanjiang (Honghe) and Xiaohedi rivers. Alternate Names: Ai Nan. Comments: Different from Angami Naga njm of India. Alternate Names: Canglo Monba, Cangluo Menba, Cangluo Monba, Central Monpa, Menba, Monba, Monpa, Motuo Menba, Sangla, Tsangla Monba, Tsanglo. Sexdebut Raagelunde Nye Pornofilm Sex Magasiner Kelstrupskov. A few in Tibet Autonomous Region, Mangkang county. Alternate Names: Anipho, Flowery Phu, Hua Phu, Laotshipu, Pho, Phula.

May be most similar to En enc of Northern Viet Nam. Alternate Names: Pu No, Punu, Younuo, Yuno, Yunuo. Ethnic population: 407,000 (2000 census). Alternate Names: Buerci, Buerzi, Buerzi Ersu, Doxu, Duoxu, Erhsu, Lizu, Lusu, Tosu. Classification: Austro-Asiatic, Mon-Khmer, Northern Mon-Khmer, Palaungic, Eastern Palaungic, Waic,.

84,000 (Wang and Mao 1995). 580 Luofu, 390 Lianhua (McConnell 1995). Alternate Names: Lobohe Miao, Luobo River Miao, Luobohe Hmong, Luopohe Hmong, Xi, Xijia Miao, Ximahe Miao. More Information Mang zng Yunnan province: Honghe Hani and Yi autonomous prefectures, Jinping county, Mengla district; 4 villages: Dadui Leigongdaniu Zhai, Heping Xia Zhai, Heping Zhong Zhai, and Nanguo Xin Zhai. More Information Hmong Njua hnj Guangxi province: far west; Guizhou province: southwest; Sichuan province: south; Yunnan province: Maguan and Malipo counties, scattered areas west. More Information Waxianghua wxa Hunan province: Chunxi, Dayong, Guzhang, Jishou, and Yuanling; a 6,000 square km area in Wuling mountains. Ethnic population: 12,400 (2000 census). Reportedly most similar with Syuba syw.

Alternate Names: Northern Guiyang Hmong. Alternate Names: Kong Ge, Kongge. Alternate Names: Central Lisu, Dayao, Eastern Lisu, Lolongo, Lolopo. More Information Zakhring zkr Xizang Autonomous Region: Zayul county, Lower Zayul township, 3 villages: Lading, Songgu, and Tama. Alternate Names: Kyerong, Kyirong, Kyirong kai. Ethnic population: 240,000 (Bradley 2007b). Comments: Do not intermarry with ethnic Uyghur. Older adults and a few middle aged are monolingual.


Both dialects are reportedly similar to Lisu lis, but neither is intelligible with Lisu. Not mutually intelligible with Guibian Zhuang zgn, Nong Zhuang zhn, or Dai Zhuang zhd. Alternate Names: Tung, Tunghsiang. Melanie syntes Jonas var for klam til love. Dialects: Qileng (Kilen, Kili, Kirin, Qileen Sungari. Ethnic population: 1,500 (Bradley 2007b).

Comments: Consider themselves Miao nationality. More Information Chinese zho Population total all languages: 1,296,461,070 Status: Comments: Includes: Gan Chinese gan, Hakka Chinese hak, Huizhou Chinese czh, Jinyu Chinese cjy, Mandarin Chinese cmn, Min Bei Chinese mnp, Min Dong Chinese cdo, Min Nan Chinese nan, Min Zhong Chinese czo, Pu-Xian Chinese. May be same as Wu dialect of Wa wbm in Myanmar and Hu huo of China. Chinese used for communication. Alternate Names: Ai Sui, Shui, Sui Li, Suipo. Total users in all countries: 540,850. Dialects: Northern Pa-Hng, Southern Pa-Hng. More Information Hlersu hle Yunnan province: Eshan county, 6 villages; Shiping county, 5 villages; Shuangbai and Zhenyuan counties, scattered mountaintop locations; Xinping county, 40 villages; Yuanjiang county, 38 villages.

In most areas children acquire a passive knowledge only. Ethnic population: 28,000 (Bradley 2007b). More Information Kang kyp Yunnan province: southwest. More Information Kazakh kaz Gansu province: Akesai Kazakh autonomous county; Qinghai province: northwest; Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region: Yili Kazakh autonomous prefecture, Balikun Kazakh and Mulei Kazakh autonomous counties. Alternate Names: Dolakha, Thami.

Alternate Names: Gevou, Kamau, Ku vou, Tai. Dialects: Considered by Chinese linguists a dialect of Hlai lic, but very different from Hlai dialects in phonology, grammar, and vocabulary. More Information Gelao, Red gir Yunnan province: Wenshan prefecture, Malipo county. Total users in all countries: 900. More Information Palaung, Shwe pll Yunnan province: Baoshan prefecture, Longyang county; Lincang prefecture, Zhenkang county. Comments: Substantial subsequent contact with Pholo yip and Tai-Kadai varieties. Classification: Mongolic, Eastern, Oirat-Khalkha, Oirat-Kalmyk-Darkhat. Alternate Names: Bê, Limkow, Linkow, Ong-Be, Ongbe, Vo Limkou.

Alternate Names: Labbu, Minchia, Minjia, Minkia, Nama, Pai. Status: 8b (Nearly extinct). Biao Mon bmt may be a dialect of Iu Mien. More Information Sanie ysy Yunnan province: north Anning county, Kunming municipality, Xishan district; southwest Fumin county. Comments: A variety of Chinese heavily influenced by Tibetan or perhaps a Tibetan language undergoing relexification with Chinese forms. 117,000 (Bradley 2007b increasing. Includes 16,500 Jishishan and 8000 Tongren. Alternate Names: Hm Nai, Ngnai, Punu, Wunai. More Information Aluo yna Sichuan province: Huili and Miyi counties; Yunnan province: Luquan, north Wuding, and Yuanmou counties. Language of recognized nationality: Menba.

Dialects: A member of macrolanguage Zhuang zha. More Information Nisu, Northwestern nsf Yunnan province: Dali Bai autonomous prefecture, Yangbi county, Fuheng district; Yongping county, Beidou Yi district; Yunlong county, Tuanjie Yi district. Comments: Traditional religion, Christian, Daoist. More Information Zhuang, Yongnan zyn Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region: Fangcheng, Fusui, Jingxi, Longan, Quinzhou, Shangsi, and south Yongning counties; Yunnan province: Funing county. Classification: Sino-Tibetan, Tibeto-Burman, Ngwi-Burmese, Burmish, Northern. Dialects: Cuengh (Zong Minz (Min). Total users in all countries: 374,500. Alternate Names: Bou Rau, Boux Toj, Long An, Longan, Nongz Anx, Nung An, Southern Zhuang, Yongnan Vernacular of the Southern Dialect of the Zhuang Language, Zhuangyu nanbu fangyan Yongnan tuyu. More Information Muda ymd Yunnan province: Jinghong county, Nanpianshan district. Reportedly similar to Samatao ysd.

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Samtao stu of Myanmar and China is not intelligible with Blang, but is closely related to Blang and Wa wbm. More Information Tseku tsk Xizang Autonomous Region. Classification: Tai-Kadai, Kra, Central Kra. Guizhou province: Qiannan Buyi-Miao autonomous prefecture, Libo county, Boyao and Die townships. More Information Azhe yiz Yunnan province: Huaning county, Panxi district; northeast Jianshui county, 1 village; north Kaiyuan county, Lebaidao district, Jiedian community; Mazheshao district, Chongzi community; Xiaolongtan district, Xiaolongtan community; Mile county: Jiangbian, Wushan, and Xun Jian districts. More Information Zhuang, Minz zgm Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region: Dejing area, Debao, Jingxi, and Napo counties; Yunnan province: Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Funing county, Langheng district, Tianbeng township, Anha, Bagan, Gecai, Getao, Gezao, Longnong, Naen, Sankeshu, Shangmabu, Tianfang, and Xionggu villages. Comments: Kachin refers to the cultural rather than the linguistic group. Also reportedly quite similar to En enc (200 dansk shemale thai massage thisted speakers) of Northern Viet Nam.

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Thai massage grindsted fri kusse Chinese linguists consider the Iu Mien spoken in Changdong, Jinxiu Yao Autonomous County, Guangxi to be the standard. Escort i østjylland frederiksberg thai massage.
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Includes 139,000 in Situ Jiarong, 12,200 in Chabao and Sidaba. Widespread with other dialects. Alternate Names: Asaheipho, Asahopho, Ekhepho, Labopho, Pho, Phula, White Phu, Zemapho. 200,000 (Wang and Mao 1995). Alternate Names: Black Zhuang, Bu Xiong, Heiyi Zhuang, Kon Min, Sung, Zong Zhuang. 80 (1999 Sun Hong Kai). More Information Ge hmj Guizhou province: Huangping county, Chongan township; Longchang township, Kaili municipality. Dialects: Southern Baima (Pingwu Baima Northern Baima (Wenxian Baima Western Baima (Jiuzhaigou Baima, Songpan Baima). Lexical similarity: with Gan Chinese gan. They number around 500,000.

Alternate Names: Elunchun, Olunchun, Orochen, Orochon, Oronchon, Ulunchun. More Information Hlai lic Hainan province: Baisha, Chengmai, Danxiang, Tunchang, and Wanning. Less than 1,000 Laopin (Bradley 2007a). Total users in all countries: 1,186,050. More Information Phala ypa Yunnan province: Honghe and Shiping counties, both banks of Yuanjiang (Honghe) river; Jianshui and Yuanyang counties, a few isolated villages downriver. Ethnic population: 514,000 (Bradley 2007b). Comments: Ethnic groups: Hua Lan, Hua, Hung, Cao Long, Coc, Khoc, Quan Coc, Quan Trang, Son Trang, Sung, Tien (Tiao Tchaine Yaya. More Information Queyu qvy Sichuan province: Garzê Autonomous Prefecture: Xinlong (Nyagrong) and Yajiang (Nyagquka) Litang counties.

Mille er en flot pige, men hun er ikke blondine på 1,60 og har kæmpe silikonebryster, som jeg har gået efter i 'For lækker til love'. Ethnic population: 2,500 (1999 Sun Hong Kai). Dialects: Mangshi (Debao, Dehong, Taile Menggeng (Taita Tai Pong (Ka, La, Sai, Tai Ka, Ya, You Yongren. Reportedly similar to Kuamasi yku and Kua-nsi ykn. More Information Zhuang, Liuqian zlq Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region: Luzhai, north Wuxuan, and Xiangzhou; possibly Hezhou, Pingle, and Yangshuo; east of Liujiang and north of Qianjiang rivers.

Not intelligible of Dai Zhuang zhd, Min Zhuang zgm, Yang Zhuang zyg, Guibian Zhuang zgn, or Qiubei Zhuang zqe. Alternate Names: Banlamgi, Minnan, Southern Min. Traditional religion, Buddhist, Christian. Similar to Pyen pyy and Bisu bzi. Reportedly similar to Mak mkg. Classification: Hmong-Mien, Hmongic, Bunu. Includes Atsi atb, Maru mhx and Lashi lsi speakers (2000 census).

Not related to Zaiwa atb in Yunnan. Nuvid sjusket, beskidt tøs. The official standard variety of Qiandong Miao is based on Yanghao, but with some similarities to other varieties. Dansk sex film siam thai massage arhus nsa sex polske piger. More Information Naluo ylo Sichuan province: western Panzhihua city; Yunnan province: southern Huaping and eastern Yongsheng counties.

Classification: Austro-Asiatic, Mon-Khmer, Northern Mon-Khmer, Khmuic, Mal-Khmu, Khmu. Dialects: Jishishan (Dahejia, Dajiahe, Dakheczjha Tongren (Tungyen). More Information Jinuo, Youle jiu Yunnan province: Xishuangbanna Dai autonomous prefecture, near Laos and Myanmar borders, east of Jinghong in Youle mountains. Alternate Names: Buyuan, Jino. Not intelligible with Iu Mien ium. 1,500 (Brassett and Brassett 2005 decreasing. 35,000 (Wang and Mao 1995). Dialects: Weining Yi, Hezhang Yi, Hen-Ke. More Information Bugan bbh Yunnan province: Wenshan Zhuang and Miao autonomous prefecture, Guangnan and Xichou counties, Guangnan Nasa township, Laowalong, Nala, Xinwalong, and Xinpingzhai villages; Guangnan county, Zhuanjiao district, Jiuping and Shibeipo villages; Yanshan county, Jijie district, Manlong and 6 other villages. Alternate Names: Tsuku, Tzuku.

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Alternate Names: Black Phula, Bola, Hei Phula, Khapho, Phula, Phulepho. Dialects: Lapao, Lijiang, Ludian. More Information Pumi, Southern pmj Yunnan province: escort svendborg gl estrup museum Lanping, Lijiang, Weixi, and Yongsheng counties; Ninglang county, Xinyingpan district. Dialects: Fuzhou (Foochow, Fuchow, Guxhou). More Information, ai-Cham aih. More Information, ache yif, yunnan province: Eshan, Lufeng, Shuangbai, and Yimen counties. Andre Der Har Fælles, og fortrolige oplysninger. 540,000 (Zhou and Luo 2001). Classification: Sino-Tibetan, Tibeto-Burman, Western Tibeto-Burman, Bodish, Central Bodish, Central, gTsang.